Find Your Anchor In Your Gift


Workshops provide a classroom atmosphere with other participants present during training.

Résumé Writing


Provides cutting edge techniques to “Help You Get That Interview”

Mock Interview


Offers you practice on how to answer the questions employers are asking in today’s interviews

Interview Skills


Provides tips and advice on “How to Make the Employer Remember You”


Workshop Creation

Guiding Anchor will create your workshop for you.  Give us the info and the audience and we will do the rest.


Discover your “competitive edge”


1-on-1 trainings offer the same classes as workshops but allows a more personal and customized experience. Participants can choose to sign up for a 1-on-1 assessment after taking a workshop to serve as a follow up. You can also only take 1-on-1 trainings and receive personal assistance on all your career development needs.

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